What happens if we forget to put out our Trash and Recycle Bins?

Bin Maids will inspect your bins before we start the cleaning process, and if they have not been emptied, we will try come back later in the day. However, sometimes it is necessary to skip your cleaning for that day, and catch your address the next available time.

Why were my bins cleaned?

I have not signed up for your service. From time to time we select homes to give their bins a complimentary cleaning. We hope you like your cleaned bins and will subscribe to our service. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP

Why shouldn’t I clean my own bins and save money?

Bin Maids sanitizes, deodorizes and cleans your bins using 10-15 times less water……..and a lot less stress trying to get to the bottom of the large bins.

How many times should I have my bins cleaned to stay hygienically safe?

In Hot weather, every 2 weeks is what we recommend, because everything multiplies faster (germs, insects, etc.) in the heat. Our once a month cleaning, is our most popular plan and will insure your bins do not get to the point where they are smelly and dirty. Our Quarterly service is good for smaller households, that don’t have as much waste or recycle as the average family.

Is my Personal Information secure on your site?

At Bin Maids, we know how important it is for your information to be secure, so we have adopted appropriate data collection, storage, processing practices and security measures to protect your personal information.  We do not disclose your personal information, username, password, credit card, transaction information or data entered at our Bin Maids Site.  We would never sell, trade, or rent your personal identification information to others. We treat your personal information with extra care, just like we do our own.


Bin Maids, LLC fully licensed and insured.