Bin Maids, LLC is a residential trash and recycle bin cleaning company. We are the professionals you need to ensure your bins are cleaned properly & regularly. We only clean residential bins and pride ourselves on making your bins squeaky clean and providing exceptional customer service.

* We are Veteran owned and operated, and our equipment is Made in America.

* We live in Frisco, we’re your neighbor, and take pride in living here.

* We believe in providing value, quality, exceeding expectations, and doing business honestly, respectfully and with integrity.

* As part of our community awareness program, we donate 10% of our proceeds to charity. We are proud to report for 2018, we exceeded our goal (thanks to our customers) and 25% of our proceeds were donated to the selected charities. This year we are supporting Operation Kindness, and Mutts for Vets.

* We only use eco-friendly products (not harmful to humans, pets or the environment) and there is no standing water to attract mosquitoes, flies or unwanted vermin.

* Think about all the items we throw away or recycle, (pet waste, disposable diapers, newspaper, take out cartons, drink bottles and cans, garden waste, vacuum cleaner contents, or food waste) it is no wonder our bins attract germs, bacteria, wildlife, flies, maggots and mosquitoes. Trash/Garbage and Recycle bins can be a major breeding ground for germs and bacteria!

* When was the last time you cleaned your bins? Why not let us provide the convenience of cleaning them on a regular schedule.

We offer an variety of service plans, tailored to your schedule, at affordable prices.